QT Second Female Lead’s Counter Attack: Ch 114 This Miss is Going On Strike 6.26

He had finally met someone to love. Of course it was worth it to do this for her. Luo Ling knew that was approaching this from a determined manner.

Clenching his fists together, Luo Ling headed in the opposite direction. Maybe she could change his decision, or maybe she could a propose a better strategy. Either way, he needed to go find her. He couldn’t look on helplessly as GongZi Su went to become the new seal.

As soon as he left the ShengGu mountain protection field boundaries, he sensed that someone had been here. In fact, it seems like there had been two visitors. They were able to find ShengGu but weren’t able to come in. Then they definitely weren’t members of the hidden family clan. Then who could they be?

Wait, could it be her!

Luo Ling followed their traces to look for them, spending two long days looking for them.

But luckily, heaven shined down determined ones. In a hidden forest nearby, he found the two people at rest.

“Teacher, we’ve already circled around the mountain base multiple times and we still can’t find an entrance. We can’t keep doing this. Should we just try forcing our way in?” Ouyang HanShuang lazily leaned on the sturdy tree trunk enjoying the sunlight as she spoke to the resting XunMi above her.

It was early winter now. Even though those with cultivation couldn’t really feel the changing of the seasons, Ouyang HanShuang still wasn’t used to such a bright sun in an unpolluted sky. This feeling really was the best.

“No, there are many high levelled prohibiting seals within this hidden family clan area. If we hastily charge in, we could suffer.” XunMi opened her eyes and looked at the distant mountain.

Why hadn’t she asked her husband for a password or something?

As expected, her IQ fell when she was in love. If not for the jade pendant and BaoBao acting as guides, she wouldn’t have even been able to find ShengGu mountain.

Ouyang HanShuang looked up at the sky in grief. Why hadn’t she ask her teacher what ShengGu was, where ShengGu was? If she had asked earlier, they wouldn’t be pacing back and forth right now.

“What should we do then?” They couldn’t just stay out here.

“SuSu should have come out to get us.” XunMi wrinkled her eyebrows a little. She had sent a message to SuSu on the day they had arrived. Since then, ten days have passed without a response.

Did something happen with SuSu? Or maybe her letter was intercepted? Either way, she believed in SuSu. She believed in her lover.

“Someone is coming.” XunMi rose and grabbed a green leaf in preparation for action.

The arriving party seemed to be impatient. His breath was heaving up and down.

Ouyang HanShuang sat up straight to stay alert. When she saw a familiar figure in blue, she shouted out.  “Ah, Teacher! It’s Luo Ling.”

“Luo Ling, Luo Ling. What are you doing here? Are you here to pick us up? But how did you know we were here? You sure took your sweet time getting here.” Ouyang HanShuang had a pretty good impression of Luo Ling. After all, he had saved her before.

When Luo Ling saw the two of them, his heart calmed down. “XunMi, HanShuang. Come with me quickly! Ah Su will definitely want to see you.” He didn’t stop to explain more. Instead, he quickly grabbed XunMi and HanShuang before running again.

XunMi pulled out of Luo Ling’s grasp. “Did something happen?” She called out for her giant greenfinch. “Riding this will be faster.”

The greenfinch was a king in the sky. Not many would even dare treating it as a saddle horse.

The new saddle horse greenfinch: He was filled with regret. He shouldn’t have come out looking for food when he did. He fell in his own trap.

Resignedly, he spread his large wings and flapped up to the sky.

On their way, Luo Ling gave a brief overview of the clan situation. However, he left out any mention of the demon energy and the seal. He thought that Ah Su wouldn’t want XunMi to know about this. The problem should be left for the persons involved to solve.

After nine crooks and eighteen turns, they finally reached the outsides of ShengGu forest. XunMi and Ouyang HanShuang felt as if they were experiencing an epiphany.

So it wasn’t that they couldn’t find the right spot but that they were looking at it from the wrong point of view. They just weren’t able to find the entrance from the perspective.

When the three entered ShengGu, Luo Ling had XunMi call back in the greenfinch and brought the two through small marketplace roads on the way to GongZi Su’s residence.

XunMi and Ouyang HanShuang both curiously observed the people in this hidden clan. But they weren’t much different than those outside. They just looked more plain and harmonious.

The long road was adorned with vendor booths and little cottage shops on both sides. Their tables were spread with numerous glittering jewels.

From afar, they could vaguely make out sporadic buildings further away. Perhaps it was because it had been a while since there were foreign visitors in the hidden clan, but everyone’s eyes curiously followed the two mysterious and beautiful ladies that Luo Ling brought in.

“Luo Ling, who are these two beauties?” An uncle with a long beard asked while smiling widely. He looked at XunMi with a too eager expression filled with combativeness.

XunMi blinked for a moment, before splitting into a friendly smile. It seemed as if this uncle was also someone that liked speaking with his fists. He probably discovered that her own abilities are high so was eager to compare notes and experience through battle.

Luo Ling awkwardly coughed. “Second uncle, don’t even think about it.” His second uncle was a fighting madman. As soon as he saw a strong youngun, he would feel the urge to drag them away to ‘talk’.

“Right, second uncle! Where’s Ah Su?” He quickly diverted second uncle’s attention.

Luo ShengFeng began jabbering as soon as he heard the name ‘GongZi Su’.  “Ah Su is of course at home. His father is discussing his plans to marry Hua family’s young miss Hua WuMo. You also know, that young fellow has yang spiritual energy. Hua family’s young miss would be the most suitable for him. Ah- Ah, what do you think you’re doing? That hurts!”

Luo Ling had been trying to give him a subtle look. Realizing that his uncle was unable to understand, he began harshly pinching his second uncle’s hand. But he was still too late. His second uncle’s big mouth had already revealed too much.

He sneaked a peak at XunMi’s expression. Luo Ling suddenly felt a bad premonition.

She had a slight smile, as if she hadn’t heard anything. However, the whirlpool in her peach blossom eyes contained a heavy sense of chilliness.

Ouyang HanShuang blew up, “GongZi Su is marrying someone else? Damn it! Where is he? I’m going to kill him.” How dare he deceive her teacher’s feelings!

XunMi’s eyes flashed with quick laughter as she reached a hand out to pet Ouyang HanShuang’s head.

“HanShuang, you must remember you are a lady. Remember your manners.” After pacifying the explosive young girl, she turned to apologize to the middle aged man.

“I’m sorry, my disciple’s words were a bit too much. Senior, please don’t take her words seriously.”

Luo Ling stood on the side sweating nervously. He had a feeling that he was about to suffer some sort a calamity.


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  1. Someone’s going to get a good beating~ and probably get their little brother cut off~

    Thank you for the chapter! ML don’t do it! You’ll regret it for a lifetime and the next lifetime and forever!


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